Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Vintage Coaches, a gap in the market?

Whilst whiling away a pleasant, yet cloudy, day at the Midland Railway - Butterley this Bank Holiday Sunday a thought struck me. Why are there no decent 4 or 6 wheel coaches on the ready to run market?

Metropolitan E class number 1 heads a train of mixed vintage stock away from Swanick Junction 01/05/2016
copyright Anthony French

All that currently exists on the ready to run market is the Hornby generic 4 wheel coach which now forms part of the Railroad range. Which is showing it's age and while suitable for the younger audience out there doesn't really cut it with the dedicated modellers out there.
With the current growth in pre-grouping models being produced, the rise of locos being produced in their pre-grouping liveries, the growing trend for modelling preserved locations (either real or fictitious) and of course the need to cater for building layouts in small spaces, surely the 4 wheeler is long overdue an upgrade?
But, of course, it's not that straight forward. Generic won't cut it in today's modelling circles. So, do you make a 4 wheel coach of the Midland Railway (as seen in the image at the top of the page? What about a 4 wheel coach of one of the companies amalgamated into the Southern Railway, examples of which are so beautifully preserved at railways like the Bluebell, Kent and East Sussex and Isle Of Wight? (also how great would they look in 7mm following the superb Dapol Terrier along)
Just a couple of ideas there, the list is endless and then do you produce 4 or 6 wheel coaches? A lot to think about and who knows maybe some manufacturers already are thinking about it?

Keep enjoying your modelling guys and stay in touch.



  1. There are always the GWR 4 wheel kits by Ratio

  2. Very good and valid point, I have chosen in this post just to focus on the Ready To Run markets but as you say the Ratio 4 wheelers are out there and make a very acceptable kit. There are a fair few kit manufacturers out there making 4 wheel coach kits which require a variety of skill levels to build. I believe Roxey Mouldings produce some, I have built some of there Isle Of Man coaches and they were a very pleasant kit to build. Thanks for taking the time to read the post and for your comment, Tony :)