Friday, 20 May 2016

A Zest for O gauge.

First of all an apology for this being the third blog in a row about new releases! I'm hoping to write something 'different' next week!

Anyway, here is our latest arrival and it's a bit special. Heljan's latest O gauge offering is the iconic Warship Diesel Hydraulic locos. It's really hard not to get carried away with O gauge models purely on the size and scale but this is a very impressive bit of kit.

There is little one can fault with the model. As usual the livery, crests and numbers are well applied. Performance is hard to judge as we only have a single yard of O gauge in the shop, which is barely a wheels turn in this scale!

There is little to criticise of the locos, however, the British Railways emblem on the green version isn't the best version I've ever seen. Elsewhere for the price tag I'd have thought a pair of etched brass nameplates could have been included. Another personal issue I have is unboxing the loco which is quite a nerve racking moment as the box warns if done incorrectly this can damage the loco.

We have 2 liveries in stock, D827 in green with small yellow panels and D869 Zest in maroon with small yellow panels. Priced at £550 each.
Overall O gauge seems to be the up and coming scale at the present time with Heljan and Dapol's range ever expanding and this addition to the range will be very welcome especially with those modelling the Western Region.
That's all for this time, like I say something different next time. In the meantime keep enjoying your modelling guys and stay in touch. Tony :) 

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