Saturday, 17 September 2016

Recent Arrivals - Hornby

We haven't done a good old fashioned recent arrivals blog for a while so to address that we are bringing you a series of blogs which are pretty much just pics and prices! Kicking off with Hornby and their latest edition of the World's Most Famous Loco (or is it?) 
R3443 60103 Flying Scotsman RRP £174.99 our price £160
R3408 King Edward V GWR shirtbutton RRP £164.99 our price £148

R3441 4499 Sir Murrough Wilson RRP £149.99 our price £138
R3415 & R3416 J15s RRP £114.99 our price £102 (each)
R3467 Terrier 751 SECR RRP £74.99 our price £70

A couple of notes on the above. The Kings also come in BR blue and BR green late crest (at the same price). The Terrier while being an interesting bold and characterful livery does suffer from not being DCC ready and the coloured plastic wheels.
Keep an eye out for our blogs on Dapol and Bachmann arrivals :) 


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    1. They are aren't they! I need to pay you a visit soon my friend and discuss some business :)